85 and counting

I got a few more cards this week that I would like to share. First, I think it’s very fun to have a little friendly competition going on between the three player collector blogs: me, Dave, and Mario, who collect Tim Lincecum, Evan Longoria, and Andrew Miller respectively. Our numbers total 85, 84, and 101. It’s also cool because the three players are sort of comparable just because they all came up around the same time, with Longoria a year later in 2007.

Here’s some of the cards that I got in the past week. The first card is from Bowman Sterling, which I got for like $5 BIN on eBay. I was thinking about putting together the rainbow collection, since the black refractor and gold refractor had recently sold for a little over $10, but I thought better of it. They’re kind of stupid looking anyway so I just stuck to getting a regular refractor. A regular base sells for around $2-3. Bowman Sterling is one of the high end products that are probably unnecessary at this point.

The next card is from Topps Chrome, which is an insert that is a remake of the 1983 design. I like this look a lot and hope they put a lot more retro style inserts in sets. Cards like this also make me wish Topps just does away with regular Topps in favor of Topps Chrome. They have the exact same insert in regular Topps, but it’s numbered differently and it’s not a refractor. How stupid.

Next is a package that comes from Steve over at The Easy Life. He sent over a 2008 Allen & Ginter mini, which I didn’t have before. I love the mini set and I bought specific mini penny sleeves and toploaders for these very cards. The other card, which I really like, is from Topps Stadium Club. Everyone has bashed what a terrible re-debut this product has made, which is to some extent true. But, I still love the quality of the card stock and how thick the card actually is. It’s unfortunate that the card was pretty badly damaged – I’m not sure if it was from shipping or not, but I am going to try to send it in to Topps and see if I can get a replacement in return because damaged cards really bother me. Here’s a look at the card – it’s actually a First Day Issue, which is kind of a stupid parallel – you can clearly see the damage.

In other news, tracking on the boxes that I got earlier in the week says it will get here on Thursday. Kind of a long way to go, but be patient. I’m kind of excited to see how Elements looks, but I will probably get what I pay for. I’m still excited for my first box break of the year and the only one since opening Allen & Ginter back in July.


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  1. The Darren Blood card came in a lot of Padres autographs that I got. I think because some people can’t tell the difference between SF and SD on a helmet. I remember hearing his name before I got them, that is one that has been sitting around the house for quite awhile. Hope you can use some of the cards.

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