Giantographs and Darin Blood

So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now and I’ve decided I’m going to streamline my collecting habits even further. I cannot continue to allow so many team cards accumulate unappreciated in boxes any longer. They just end up stacked high and taking up a lot of room. My collecting basis is shifting from quantity to quality. Two people have influenced me in what I collect. First, Mario’s collection of Andrew Miller drove me to be a player collector for Tim Lincecum. Second, Rod has influenced me to collect autographed Giants cards. I think those two types of collecting really floats my boat. Speaking of which, Rod sent me a bunch of cards the other day.


One of the cards was an autographed card of a player that I’ve never heard of. Darin Blood was drafted by the Giants #47 overall in 1995, but I’ve never heard of him reaching the big leagues. I guess he never really progressed past the minor leagues and his career ended there. The biggest thing he’s known for is a trade that brought Joe Carter to San Francisco in 1998. As you know, Carter is a big name in Toronto Blue Jays history for homering in the ninth to win the ’93 World Series against the Phillies. I think Mario can really appreciate this card because it comes from one of his favorite sets, 1997 Bowman Chrome. I really like the vertical striping in the card design. Thanks again Rod!

In summary, here is my priority for collecting now:
1. Tim Lincecum cards
2. Giants autographed cards


4 Responses to “Giantographs and Darin Blood”

  1. Can’t go wrong with this approach–you can make the Giants autographs as extensive (all the way back to the NY Giants, for instance) or as current as the mood strikes you. We look forward to seeing the results!

  2. Sounds like a good strong decision. I’ve always been a big supporter or “quality over quantity”. I think that’s why I don’t have any trouble bypassing a lot of Morneau cards. I’m not really out there to own a copy over EVERY card, just the ones I like.

    So for your Giants autographs, are you only collecting certified autographs or are you going to try your hand at the TTM game?

  3. I’m going to be collecting certified autographs and in person autographs. I think TTM autographs is too impersonal for my taste at this point, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will shut it out for the future. Glad you share the same enthusiasm for quality!

  4. I am now up to 704 different Padrographs and I only go back to 1969. You should catch up real soon if you decide to try and get as many different players. I have started organizing to start mailing to spring training. Good luck in your streamlining.

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