Reorganization and Love of Parallels

I have reorganized my Tim Lincecum Collection page to follow the format Mario goes by with his Andrew Miller collection. I hope he finds this as a form of flattery and not a copy-cat thing. I just found his way of organization so much better and efficient. The number is now at 87 different and unique cards. I just took a read of dkwilson’s entry on NeedMoMorneau today and it got me thinking about what I purchase on eBay. He’s right in that I can’t expect to buy every single Lincecum card that comes out – it’s way too costly. I have to pick and choose the ones that I think are best. I also think that when there’s a deal to be had, it needs to be seized. The two cards that I added today cost me $1.25 for the dual swatch and $1.04 for the xfractor parallel. I really, really love the parallels that come out of the Bowman Chrome products. I’m telling you that it’s all you really need: refractor, xfractor, blue refractor, gold refractor, orange refractor, red refractor, superfractor – the seven colors of the rainbow. That got me thinking that I should focus on his rookie year Bowman products. If it’s out there, I want to get the rainbow collection of 2007 Bowman Chrome, his Bowman Chrome autograph, and Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. It might never happen (especially with the superfractor), but it’s a goal worth attaining someday. Until then, I will have to settle for looking at the nice, cheap 2008 xfractor, which is the highest level parallel that I have from the Bowman products.


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