2007 Upper Deck Elements – Biggest hit of my life!

Okay, so I couldn’t resist the temptation and busted the box and opened the remaining packs from the order. Since I ordered over $150 from Dave and Adam’s Card World, they sent me two free packs of 2007 UD Elements to go along with my 2007 UD Elements Hobby Box. Each hobby box is broken down into three mini boxes with 5 packs per mini box and 3 cards per pack. Supposedly there’s (1) game-used memorabilia, (1) autograph, and (1) auto/game-used memorabilia card per box so there’s 1 of either of those three per mini box. The mini boxes are split into three different products with three different types of cards: foil board, Lt Fx, and PETG technology. My favorite is the PETG cards because they’re like plastic cards and they are slightly opaque at the top. They remind me of those glass cards from the basketball products, except they are plastic. They are much heavier than average cards by weight. Here are my first two hits from my two free packs, which is pretty amazing considering the hits fall (1) per mini box and here I got two already in two free standing packs. Thank you DAcardworld for the free packs promotion!


This is a pretty nice dual autograph. Japanese players sure like their shades. Hey Dave, let me know if you’re interested in this and other Rays hit below. Maybe we can work out a trade for that Lincecum Sweet Spot plus cards or cash 🙂


I’m sure the girls at Dinged Corners would enjoy this card! Actually, they might also like the previous card just because there are TWO Asian players. It’s great that Zito has beef up this offseason by working out with Brian Wilson at his LA home. You can’t get any worse than starting off the season 0-8. I look forward to him bouncing back this season. Now onto the hits from the actual box (mini boxes).


Seriously, what is with my luck and getting Travis Buck?? I need to find an A’s collector to trade all these A’s hits to. However, I do like the design of the Elemental AuTOGRAPHS (it’s a play on the periodic table of elements’ symbol for gold, which is Au), which is quite clever. Too bad the autos are on stickers. This was from the Lt Fx box I believe.


Another dual GU card for Scott Kazmir. Not a bad hit since he is really an up and coming star pitcher for the Rays. It’s too bad I can’t say the same for the Zito card. This was from the regular foil board mini box. And last but not least, the card that came from the PETG technology mini box…


Yes! I can’t believe I actually got a card this good in a product like Elements. I was in shock for about half an hour and I’m still kind of surprised. To me, a Ripkin card is like getting one of those old time Yankee cards since he’s going to go down in history as one of the greatest athletes in history. This is by far the best card I’ve ever gotten in opening packs and boxes. Now onto something a little more serious. If you look carefully around the edges of the window, there’s some slight chipping and damage. On the back, there is also some type of residue that seems like it was stuck onto another card. Some of the other PETG cards are scratched up. I need your help. Do you think I should send this into Upper Deck to get it replaced? What are they chances they have another copy of a card to replace it with? If they don’t, will they just confiscate this card and give me something worse or will I at least be guaranteed this card back? I have sent in cards to UD before for damage replacement and they came back in a timely manner without any problems. I’m just hestitant to send this one in, but I really think I should be getting a top quality card to go along with the quality of the hit. Leave comments below.


8 Responses to “2007 Upper Deck Elements – Biggest hit of my life!”

  1. handcollated Says:

    Try this guy for the A’s stuff:


  2. Awesome. Congrats, man. Turn a profit and buy a Gold Lincy Chrome!

  3. ryanmemorabilia Says:

    Awesome Ripken card! I’m jealous.

  4. Probably the best possible hit you can get out of that set. Nice!

  5. Incredible Ripken card!! Great pull!

  6. The Ripken card is absolutely great – although I really don’t know what would happen if you sent it in to Upper Deck. It’s probably unlikely that they have any more of the same card from 2007 sitting around.

    I’d be interested in the Aki Iwamura autograph if it wasn’t a dual, but I don’t really like it with Kei Igawa on the card. I’m definitely interested in the Kazmir though!

  7. […] good luck with free packs of Elements from Dave & Adam’s.  Bailey from The Nennth Inning got some hits in his free packs too.  Elements is a pretty decent product.  It features cards made on three […]

  8. Fantastic Ripken card…I also got some very nice hits out of my free ’07 UD Masterpieces packs from D&A.


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