2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Baseball (3) Box Break

So, sorry for the delay, but when the office picks up your UPS packages, you never really know when you’ll actually get them. I finally got them this afternoon and began busting them open on the spot. Instead of buying one box, I bought three according that three box average that I am Joe Collector uses as a better statistical tool for assessing how good a product is. I also decided to give out any hits that I got in the product from the first box to my regular trading partners and keep the rest for myself. Suffice to say, the product is pretty disappointing. I guess the Saltalamacchia and Lind aren’t too bad for the first box. Steve from White Sox Cards got the only hit from the first box so let me know if you want that Jermaine Dye game-used as you are the only blog that I’ve had mail from (you can e-mail me your address and I’ll get that out for you). The second and third box weren’t too exciting either, except for maybe the Pujols game-used. I’m also moderately happy that I got a Giants’ card with the Fred Lewis rookie autograph. I’m kind of sad that I went through the three boxes so quickly. I ordered a box of UD Elements too since it was so cheap and it’s sitting on my desk right now. I’m tempted to open it just because I was so disappointed by Sweet Spot.

Box #1:


Box #2:


Box #3:



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