Topps Consumer Relations Dept. is not too shabby

If it’s one that thing bothers me more than disorganized cards, it’s damaged cards. Bent cards, dinged corners, chips, scratches are really what nightmares are made of. When I get any card from fellow bloggers, I am always quite grateful, but when it’s damaged, it makes me sad and I’m very OCD about pristineness so I feel like I need to replace it right away with a mint to near-mint version. Well that’s what happened when I got a really bent Topps Stadium Club card from Steve from The Easy Life. The problem was that it was a First Day Issue card that’s stamped and also serial-numbered. I thought I would be more happy if I at least tried to get it fixed then not, so I sent it into Topps, knowing full well that it might not get replaced at all due to their strict policy currently in place regarding damaged cards. They require a copy of the UPC from the box, all the wrappers from the product as well as a copy of the sales receipt. I just threw it up in the air and wanted to see what came of it. I also submitted a dinged corner card from Topps Opening Day that was sent in from Dinged Corners (ironically). I mailed these a week or two ago and I got a package in the mail today with a turnaround time of a week or so! That’s incredibly fast if you ask me. With it, they sent a letter saying that this is a courtesy one-time replacement and all that stuff. I’m glad at least it worked out okay this time. The new serial numbered card is 066/599 so now there’s actually only 598 total cards since #078 no longer exists.

Also in the mail today came some cards from Saints of the Cheap Seats. I got black bordered mini parallel of 2008 Allen & Ginter so I’m now up to 88 total cards for the collection. Be sure to check out Dan’s 2007 Ultimate Collection baseball group break. It’s only $22 for the hits and base card and it should be fun.

I ended up submitting those Upper Deck Elements and Sweet Spot Signatures cards into Upper Deck because they were damaged. The only thing I’m worried about is the fact that it’s way past 8 months since the product was released so I’m nervous over whether they’ll end up replacing those. Still, there’s no excuse for damaged cards, especially in products of that price range (originally).


One Response to “Topps Consumer Relations Dept. is not too shabby”

  1. The one time I had to contact Topps CS they hooked me up as well. I bought a box of 06 Topps 52, and it was missing two autos. In return, they sent me an 07 A & G N Swisher GU, eight packs of Bowman Heritage and 08 packs of Allen & Ginter.

    They took care of me pretty good!

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