Update on Upper Deck Quality Assurance Dept.

So I’m not sure if this counts as better or worse than Topps’ Quality Assurance Dept., but I ended up sending those 2007 UD Elements damaged cards with some 2007 Sweet Spot damaged cards to Nevada to get them replaced, knowing the risk of rejection since the product is way past 8 months old. I sent the cards in on Saturday, January 31, and I received the cards back today on February 4. That’s a turnaround of 3 business days, which is amazing! They shipped FedEx too so it was damn fast. Then again, it’s only Nevada as compared to Pennsylvania, so I think it would have arrived around the same time as the Topps shipment had the distances been the same. Anyway, unfortunately, they sent the cards back because they most likely did not have any more left in stock. They didn’t send any letter or note with the package. But luckily, they sent some compensation. They sent me 5 packs total of 2008 UD Masterpieces,  which was a nice gesture. Two packs were hobby packs and three packs were retail. I ended up pulling a few hits, but they were nothing special. You can see them in the next entry because I am hosting a new contest to celebrate my race to 10,000 hits!


2 Responses to “Update on Upper Deck Quality Assurance Dept.”

  1. ryanmemorabilia Says:

    I read your post and was wondering what the process is for getting a card replaced. I just received a damaged card and am hoping to get it replaced.

  2. If it’s to Upper Deck, you send the package to their quality assurance department with a letter stating what is wrong with the card. You send it to:

    The Upper Deck Company, attention-quality assurance dept., 985 Trade Drive Suite A, North Las Vegas, NV 89030

    From my experience, the turnaround takes 1-2 weeks; it took them three days this time even though their website says 4-6 weeks. They generally don’t replace products that are older than 8 months from the release date.

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