Plug that Auction!

So I usually wouldn’t want to plug an eBay auction but when it comes to my own, I have no shame. I am selling off a number of nice autograph cards and silk cards in order to support my addiction with a certain 2007 Bowman Chrome card that I am after and that has recently become available. I am putting up a total of 8 cards up for bid. Five of these cards come from 2008 Allen & Ginter silk cards. These cards are all parallels of the regular base cards, but are numbered out of 10. I tried putting together the Giants team set collection, but failed horribly as these cards are insanely hard to get your hands on. I got up to five and that was the end of that. I actually had a Lincecum for a while, but the corner was badly bent and I actually got a refund from USPS for damage of the package during delivery. So I’m guessing if they followed protocol, that card is now destroyed so there’s only really nine silk cards of Lincey out there. Here’s what I have:


I’m hoping to sell these for around $20 each so I could at least make back $100. I think I paid that same amount for them in the first place. They’re really nice cards and one of the reasons I love the 2008 Allen & Ginter product. The frame is really nice and everything is nicely constructed.


The other three cards that I’m parting with are the cards that I pulled from the 2007 UD Elements box break. I’ve decided to sell off the Ripken because I would much be happier with that BC. Dave also decided he didn’t really like the Iwamura/Igawa dual autograph because of the Yankee Akinori is paired up with. Yankees ruin everything. I saw that a single Iwamura from the 2007 product sold for $8 so hopefully I could sell the dual auto for around $15. Lastly is a Conor Jackson Sweet Spot glove auto. It was the only Sweet Spot Signatures out of the three that ever sold for over $5 so every bit helps. I really hope I can get a total of $200 from all the cards sold. I’ll probably end up with only $150-170 calculating my bad luck selling and eBay fees. If anyone who reads this blog wins, let me know and I’ll try to throw in some extras!


You can find all these cards on eBay here.


2 Responses to “Plug that Auction!”

  1. You did pretty well on those auctions. Those silk cards did very well.

  2. Definitely, the silk cards did better than I thought – unfortunately the ripken didn’t do as well as I hoped

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