Dayf Strikes First in Trade Me A Lincey Contest!

The 2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings Signatures Jarrod Saltalamacchia card is now off the board! Dayf from Cardboard Junkie quickly sent a package consisting of 6 Lincey cards! All he wanted in return was the Saltalamacchia card, so thanks to his generosity, the contest gets to keep going a little longer. He could’ve wiped out six cards! Instead, I sent him a few Braves cards from the Elements box break. Hopefully he can enjoy them. Here’s what I got in return:

image0001-copy image0002-copy

For the most part they are from the new 2009 Topps product with the exception of the Zito Co-Signers. You know, a lot of people have complained about Co-Signers, but I really really like the technology of the card. It’s holographic-like in that if you lay the card flat, you can see Lincecum, but if you look at the straight on, he kind of disappears. Beautiful. I really want to try to get all the parallels from that set now, but that will have to wait as there is another card I am currently after on eBay. I will let everyone know soon if I get it.

Don’t forget to submit your card submissions for The Road to 10,000 Hits Contest: Trade Me A Lincey!

I will update the Lincecum Collection right now so that it is up to date. I’m pretty sure Dayf has all the 2009 Topps base cards covered though. This brings me up to 94 different and unique cards in the collection, which 2-ups Dave from Fielder’s Choice I believe 🙂


2 Responses to “Dayf Strikes First in Trade Me A Lincey Contest!”

  1. Cool, I got Salty! That little fake plastic Braves helmet called to me. Remember there’s still plenty of gold and black and platinum and silk and press plate Topps parallels out there for you to collect…

  2. Well, 94 ties me, but I see that you’ve since moved ahead of me…

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