Another Day, Another Two Cards Off the Shelf

I received a package from Dave from Fielder’s Choice today with two 2007 SP Rookie Edition cards of Lincey. I think that completes the whole base set of Tim from that product and I must admit the cards look pretty nice. I really like the first one and you can tell by the design that  they kind of took the side image and added that to the ‘By the Letter’ autographed manufactured patches. In return, he asked for the 2007 Sweet Spot Adam Lind Blue Ink Bat #’d 03/99 and the 2008 Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Gavin Floyd so those are off the shelf now. I also sent him some Rays cards that I’ve been meaning to send, but good thing I waited to include them all in one package. Keep those packages and cards coming! There’s still plenty of hit cards to go around (12!) I’ve updated the list in the contest entry so the ones crossed off are the ones that have already been given away. Here’s a look at the two cards I received:

Oh yea, I also received a card I bought off eBay last week. I know I said I wouldn’t be buying random singles off eBay, but this one was cheap! It was .05! Yes, it cost a nickel and the reason I got it was because shipping was super cheap too. It was around $1.50 so for $1.55 I got an insert card, which is pretty neat.

This brings me to a total of 97 different cards, so watch out Mario, I’m gunning for your 114 🙂


One Response to “Another Day, Another Two Cards Off the Shelf”

  1. No fair – the two cards I sent you (and the one you bought from eBay) put you ahead of me, 97 – 94. I have a few new Longoria cards coming in the mail though!

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