Some eBay Finds

As you know, from time to time, I look around eBay for interesting cards that catch my eye. This first one definitely did. I’ve never seen a dual autograph of Cain and Lincey from UD Black so when I first saw this, I thought wow! Upon further inspection, I noticed that Timmy’s signature looks different. Could this one one of his super early signatures? Wait, a minute…that looks oddly familiar to me. I didn’t even have to turn my head upside down at this point to realize that Upper Deck and royally screwed up and placed the sticker auto upside down! All I can say is that is just careless and dumb. It would be another thing if his picture was upside down with the autograph. That would be actually kind of cool. It’s really too bad that errors like this get made. UD Black is one of the most overrated, expensive products out there (I think you only get 1 card per pack and 2 packs per box or something like that). You’re paying for quality and it definitely is not quality to have an upside down sticker auto.

The second card that caught my eye is a little bit better. Mario from Wax Heaven has been thoroughly covering the new 2009 Topps cards, especially the new sketch cards. He praised Topps for stepping up their game, and I really have to agree. Brian Kong is a top notch artist who adds a comic book flare to baseball cards. This is the first Tim Lincecum sketch card that I’ve seen from the new 2009 Topps product. Is it just me or does Timmy look a bit stoned? Hopefully he doesn’t pull a Michael Phelps on us.


One Response to “Some eBay Finds”

  1. I’d like to jump all over Upper Deck’s quality control — and they really shouldn’t have made the mistake. But you do realize that Lincecum’s autograph is nearly illegible no matter how you hold it, right? 😉

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