Night Owl Cards Swoop In For Two

The Road to 10,000 Contest continues to be a hit for the readers. Today on Day 3 (I’ve received packages from readers for the past three days), comes from Greg over at Night Owl Cards. Yes, I know, he’s a Dodgers’ fan, but I’ve decided to be nice and let them in on the fun too. He sent over three cards, one of which was a double that Dayf sent in earlier so the 2008 NL ERA Leaders card doesn’t count. Dave already scooped up the Gavin Floyd card anyway on Day 2. But he did send in two different cards with the 2008 NL Cy Young Award Winner card from 2009 Topps and also a Team leaders card from 2009 UD Series One. This brings me to a total of 99 different cards in the collection! I have a special card for the bit 100, which should be happening within the next few days.

Which cards did the Night Owl swoop in on? Greg took the 2008 Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Rod Carew card and also the 2008 Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Chone Figgins card. Those two are off the board and you can see the updated list of cards still available on the contest link on your upper right hand corner. There’s still plenty of cards to go around! Let’s keep those packages coming in.


One Response to “Night Owl Cards Swoop In For Two”

  1. owlatnight Says:

    Oh, so close! Just missed on No. 100!

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