First Silk of 2009

If there’s one type of card that I like more than autographs, it’s silk cards. It’s the new fad in terms of parallel cards. My first introduction to these type of cards were the 2008 Allen & Ginter cards, but little did I know, silk cards go back farther in history than that. I guess they also used to make silk baseball cards in the past because some hits came up when I searched for ‘Giants silk’ in eBay search. Anyway, I really like them because they look nice in the frame and all. It’s too bad there’s a white border for the 2009 Topps ones, which makes it seem even smaller than it already is. I picked this card up for even cheaper than the 2008 Topps Silk Collection one. Why? Because I bought it on a Sunday! I’m telling you, weekends are the best days to buy! Without further adeiu, card #101:


3 Responses to “First Silk of 2009”

  1. A. Do you have a pic of the 2008 silk…Was unaware it existed as I’ve never come across one on EBAY. Nice find

    B. Recent 2009 version went for $38. Mind if I ask what you paid for yours.

  2. Hi Bopper,
    The pic of my 2008 silk is in my flickr account where you can find the link on your right hand side. I paid $24 for mine. I got it for so low only because it was the first silk card to hit the market so the price is usually undetermined at that point. You will probably never see it at that price again.

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