Tired of Xfractors yet?

As you can deduce, I am definitely not. This is the latest Xfractor parallel from the 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects product. This design is as close to a superfractor as I will get. Both designs have a lot of similarities. I’m now at 104 cards. Anyway, I haven’t received any more packages for the contest and I’m nearing 10,000 hits (my goal was to finish the contest by the time I hit 10,000). If there are anymore packages out there, e-mail me. Otherwise, I am going to give the whole lot away to the first person who e-mails me. I will give everyone until Friday to claim pending shipments.



5 Responses to “Tired of Xfractors yet?”

  1. Unfortuantely I have no more Linecum cards. Or I would trade you something. Do you think you will go to the Padres event at Petco on April 5, or is that just too far away.

  2. Eric Slette Says:

    I have a package going out in tomorrow’s mail for you, which includes an 08 Goudey red back Lincecum. I didn’t see that on the list of your collection. If you don’t have it and the Berkman Sweet Spot is still available, I’d love it. If it’s gone, surprise me.

  3. I love Xfractors too – probably my favorite type of parallel! My fantasy baseball team name is the Carolina Xfractors…

  4. I just pulled a Stars of the Game Lincecum insert from a pack of ’09 Upper Deck yesterday. It’s yours if you need it. Let me know and I’ll send it out in exchange for one of the remaining cards.

  5. Ok, the UD insert is yours. I’ll double check to see if I have any other onces hiding anywhere.

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