Wow, I didn’t even notice I hit 10,000 hits, which occured sometime between yesterday and today. I guess it’s taken me a lot longer than some other blogs, but it’s an achievement nonetheless. I didn’t realize how difficult it is sometimes to maintain a blog and also readership. Back to October and November, the average hits to the site were over a hundred daily, but once I stopped writing regularly in December, visits to the blog took a huge hit and never really recovered. Sometimes, it’s so hard to think of topics to cover and I guess quality of content has dropped since I use mailday cards as filler here and there. I hope to pick up more material to work with once baseball season rolls around, until then I will try to be as creative and thoughtful as possible with any posts.

On another note, I am very excited about playing fantasy baseball. I’ve played every year, but in the past couple years, there’s been a drop in interest after a month or two into the season in the leagues that I’ve been in. I truly hope that’s not the case this year because I’m joining leagues with fellow bloggers. I’m in the one that PunkRockPaint started and I plan to pay and join the one that the girls at A Cardboard Problem set up as well. The latter league is a money league with prizes for the first two finishers. It sounds exciting and I hope that entices people to be more competitive. The problem is that I’m used to head-to-head leagues on Yahoo because you play a different person each week, which is accompanied with fun smack talk. I also like head-to-head format because there’s a playoff system. I would love to start a league of my own (no cinematic reference intended) that’s also a money league but in a head-to-head format with playoffs and all the like on Yahoo. I think it would be fun to throw in $10 from each person then the winner gets $100 for a box of wax and second place gets $20 for their troubles. What do you guys think? If I can generate interest from 11 other people, I will start it and we can do a live draft after we figure out rules and such. Leave a comment if you would like to joina nd are interested in $10, head-to-head format fantasy baseball on Yahoo.


2 Responses to “10,000!”

  1. HarryBerry32 Says:

    I’m interested!! Is Longoria on ur fantasy team? I have him.

  2. Congrats on 10,000 Bailey! Your blog is always one of my favorites to read. Glad to see that you found some other fantasy baseball leagues that were more to your liking than mine 🙂

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