Error card or rare SP?

Fellow reader Jay has come across this SP #166 1995 throwback design auto of Tim Lincecum from 2007 SP Rookie Edition. I cannot remember a point when I saw this card on eBay, but in my opinion, that is because this product doesn’t get much coverage at all. He thinks since the population sightings have been zero thus far (he said that it has come up once in three years), he has reason to believe that this is an “error” card. IMO, it’s just a regular SP with a sticker auto slapped on. I think a true error card would be 2007 Bowman’s best where Timmy’s weight is listed as 420 lbs. and his height is listed as 6’10”. So I leave it up to you, the readers to say if this is an error card or just a rare SP.


We are also debating the value of this card. Based on past sales of similar cards (the regular base, albeit not an SP), I appraise this card at a maximum of $80-100. I really don’t think it’s worth any more than that based on the set it comes from and the sticker auto. That is my opinion, everyone else is entitled to their own. How much do you think this card is worth? How much would you pay for it? Leave your comments below.

Here is also an incentive for you guys. Jay is offering the first person to come up with evidence of a sale of this card a 2008 TCHC blue refractor #’d 34 of 200 Tim Lincecum.


7 Responses to “Error card or rare SP?”

  1. Its gotta be a short print Because it has the thing on the back that says “Congratulations, you just got an auto” thingy.

  2. This is a legit Short Print. Usually is pretty good about listing print runs, but all it says for this one is SP. It says the same thing for Dice-K, Alex Gordon, Phil Hughes, Delmon Young, and others.

    It’s also a pain in the ass to try and look these up on eBay, because everyone uses the terms “SP” and ” Rookie” in their listings, so the name of the set makes it hard to look up the set.

    I haven’t found a completed sale anywhere for any of the guys listed above, but I’m willing to bet that if this card were listed well on eBay and got enough attention, it would sell for more than $100. At $25 a box, a lot of these boxes are getting opened now, and none of these are listed, so my best guess is that they are extremely short printed.

  3. Hello there, I pulled one of these cards last week and listed it on Sportlots for $40. Someone bought it in a couple of days. I guess I should have asked more for it! I also puller a 1/1 Lincecum sketch card out of ’09 Topps if anyone is interested. My dealer name on sportlots is jwesport.

    As Charlie says, as more of the product gets opened I am sure more cards will become available. – Jim

  4. Jim Winter Says:

    I will take the free Lincecum card if I qualify for it 🙂

  5. Sean Lutz Says:

    I think there’s also another card that could be an error card.

    Allen & Ginter’s 2007 Tim Lincecum.

    on the back it says throws left-handed, bats right-handed.

    He clearly throws right handed.

    On his 2008 card, its switched (throws right, bats left)


  6. I have this card , purchased on ebay last year and havent seen another since, i cant even get a print run from upper deck … if i had to estimate there are 20 or less known. as far as it being an error card, there needs to be something wrong with it , i.e. misprinted stats , reversed photo etc. for it to be an error ….. its just hard to find in a product that was heavily produced thats all. If anybody wants to see some pics just email me at

  7. i purchased this card on ebay back in august ( i think ) for 80.00 , undervalued if you ask me because the estimated print run on this sp is between 10-20 copies , and I havent seen another one since. however its not just a ” sticker slap-on ” as mentioned earlier as the back has the congrats / c.o.a. instead of stats. I dont see how this could be an error, you need some kind of mistake ie. wrong stats or whatnot for an error to be applied.. i relpied to this earlier i dont now why it was deleted….

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