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Three More Cards

Posted in Collecting, contest, mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , on March 5, 2009 by aybayz

I guess the last of the Road to 10,000 Hits Contest cards are coming in. I received one from Anthony yesterday, which was sent over the weekend. Pretty amazing that it could here in only three days, seeing as how there’s a huge snowstorm out East. Anthony, if you’re reading this, I forgot what you requested for the card so let me know and I’ll have it out for you. The other two cards came today from Dayf and includes an insert and a parallel? I’m not exactly sure what these all black cards are. I know they’re exclusive to Wal-Mart blasters and they look like a parallel of the base, except for the fact that even the background is blacked out. Error cards? Gimmicks? Who knows. I know they have a separate black parallel that is serial numbered to 58 and retains the background, which celebrates 58 years of collecting. If anyone could shed more light on what this black card is, that would be helpful. I know there’s been a few entries and articles on this, but I’ve been passing them by.  By the way, Dayf if you are reading, I also forgot what you wanted so guys, here’s the rest of what’s left from the hits contest; I remember someone wanted me to hold onto the Bonser so they could trade for it, but I forgot who:

– 2007 Sweet Spot Boof Bonser Blue Ink Ball #’d 238/299 (SS-BB)
– 2007 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings Signatures Travis Buck (139)
– 2007 Elements Elemental AuTographs Travis Buck (AU-TB)
– 2008 Masterpieces Johnny Bench Blue-bordered #’d 017/125 (98)
– 2008 Series 2 USA Baseball National Team Jersey Eric Surkamp (USA-ES)
– 2007 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Memorabilia Kendry Morales (SW-KM)

Here’s a look at my spoils:


More Xfractor Love!

Posted in Collecting, eBay, mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , , on February 27, 2009 by aybayz

YES! It’s finally here. I spent a pretty penny on this one, but it was worth it because now I have 3 out of the 7 parallels. Not that I’ll get all of them, but I love this product and I love the refractor parallels that go along with it. You don’t see these very often anymore on eBay either. I basically traded the value of my five Allen & Ginter silk cards for this one card. This takes over the refractor as my most centerpiece card of the collection now. I’m also up to 108 cards in the collection. The other base and refractor parallel are graded, but I think I’m going to keep this as is in a toploader. Here’s a look:

Some more 2008 parallels

Posted in mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , on February 23, 2009 by aybayz

I’m adding three more cards to the collection to raise my total to 107 total cards. Today, I received two cards from Eric over at The Pettitte Pursuit, a 2008 Topps Stadium Club (regular version) and a 2008 Goudey, blue back mini, which apparently is quite rare. I guess it goes red back, blue back, green back, and black back with the last two being serial numbered. Anyway, it’s always nice to a parallel set. The other package comes from Lonestarr who delivered on his promise of a serial numbered green parallel from Baseball Heroes. Again, I mention that I hate how many parallels that this product has, but I am one step closer to getting all of them, which is nuts. They will be receiving the last of the contest hits, which came to an end after I hit 10,000 a few days ago. The pile of cards will be divided among those two and Dayf, who said he sent in a Stars of the Game insert card from ’09 Upper Deck. Thank you everyone for these cards that I would otherwise probably not come to have in my possession. I have basically given up buying single base/insert cards on eBay just because shipping is ridiculous when people charge you $3 in addition to the price of the card. I am only buying up autographs now. Here’s a look at the trio of cards received today:

Tired of Xfractors yet?

Posted in Collecting, eBay, mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , , , on February 19, 2009 by aybayz

As you can deduce, I am definitely not. This is the latest Xfractor parallel from the 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects product. This design is as close to a superfractor as I will get. Both designs have a lot of similarities. I’m now at 104 cards. Anyway, I haven’t received any more packages for the contest and I’m nearing 10,000 hits (my goal was to finish the contest by the time I hit 10,000). If there are anymore packages out there, e-mail me. Otherwise, I am going to give the whole lot away to the first person who e-mails me. I will give everyone until Friday to claim pending shipments.


A couple more

Posted in Collecting, eBay, mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , on February 18, 2009 by aybayz

I received two more cards in the mail today. One was from Ross who sent in this 2009 UD Series 1 base of Timmy. Let me know if you want any of the cards from the contest pool as you didn’t specify anything. The second one was from an eBay auction a while ago, which is this Baseball Heroes GU parallel. I have quite a few of these Baseball Heroes parallels now and I’m still confused by their color scheming ways. I’m now up to 103 different cards, but that is definitely going to slow down in the next few days. I really need to reassess what the heck I’m actually collecting because I really do want to shift from quantity to quality (in terms of what I buy), but by all means, I still welcome any Lincecum cards that I don’t already have.

First Silk of 2009

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If there’s one type of card that I like more than autographs, it’s silk cards. It’s the new fad in terms of parallel cards. My first introduction to these type of cards were the 2008 Allen & Ginter cards, but little did I know, silk cards go back farther in history than that. I guess they also used to make silk baseball cards in the past because some hits came up when I searched for ‘Giants silk’ in eBay search. Anyway, I really like them because they look nice in the frame and all. It’s too bad there’s a white border for the 2009 Topps ones, which makes it seem even smaller than it already is. I picked this card up for even cheaper than the 2008 Topps Silk Collection one. Why? Because I bought it on a Sunday! I’m telling you, weekends are the best days to buy! Without further adeiu, card #101:

Card #100!

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In my effort to acquire and put together a complete set of the parallels from 2007 Bowman Chrome, I took one step closer today with the acquisition of an Xfractor parallel. This one cost me a pretty penny, but it was still a tad cheaper than what they’ve sold for in the past on eBay. Again, I cannot emphasize enough of my appreciation of the refractor parallels in this product. This card puts me at exactly 100 cards in the collection and counting. I still have a couple eBay purchases coming in the next few days. I also didn’t receive anything today for the contest and there’s still plenty of prizes if you click the contest link on your right so keep those packages coming!

Here’s another look: