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Lincecum’s MLB 2K9 Commercial

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This is funnier than the previous one I posted. I also didn’t know he had a tattoo on the back of his neck, is that new? Weird…


$10 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head League

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So things didn’t really work out with the other money league because I just missed out on the last spot so hopefully we can get this one filled pretty good. I will keep a running list of people interested and hopefully we can fill this by March and do the draft at the height of Spring Training. $10 buy in with prizes for first and second place (broken down by value at $100 and $20. Again, leave a comment here if you would like to join:

1. The Nennth Inning blog
2. HarryBerry32
3. gritz76 from Project ’62
4. milwaukeeb


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Wow, I didn’t even notice I hit 10,000 hits, which occured sometime between yesterday and today. I guess it’s taken me a lot longer than some other blogs, but it’s an achievement nonetheless. I didn’t realize how difficult it is sometimes to maintain a blog and also readership. Back to October and November, the average hits to the site were over a hundred daily, but once I stopped writing regularly in December, visits to the blog took a huge hit and never really recovered. Sometimes, it’s so hard to think of topics to cover and I guess quality of content has dropped since I use mailday cards as filler here and there. I hope to pick up more material to work with once baseball season rolls around, until then I will try to be as creative and thoughtful as possible with any posts.

On another note, I am very excited about playing fantasy baseball. I’ve played every year, but in the past couple years, there’s been a drop in interest after a month or two into the season in the leagues that I’ve been in. I truly hope that’s not the case this year because I’m joining leagues with fellow bloggers. I’m in the one that PunkRockPaint started and I plan to pay and join the one that the girls at A Cardboard Problem set up as well. The latter league is a money league with prizes for the first two finishers. It sounds exciting and I hope that entices people to be more competitive. The problem is that I’m used to head-to-head leagues on Yahoo because you play a different person each week, which is accompanied with fun smack talk. I also like head-to-head format because there’s a playoff system. I would love to start a league of my own (no cinematic reference intended) that’s also a money league but in a head-to-head format with playoffs and all the like on Yahoo. I think it would be fun to throw in $10 from each person then the winner gets $100 for a box of wax and second place gets $20 for their troubles. What do you guys think? If I can generate interest from 11 other people, I will start it and we can do a live draft after we figure out rules and such. Leave a comment if you would like to joina nd are interested in $10, head-to-head format fantasy baseball on Yahoo.

Major League Baseball 2K9 Xbox 360 Video – Tim Lincecum Skit

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Kind of lame. They should’ve hired those guys who do those funny ESPN commercials to do this one.

Finally an Update

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Sorry for the extended vacation; I guess you don’t actually realize how long you’ve been away from blogging until you see how much your peers have blogged. Onto some updates!

Thank you to Mario from Wax Heaven for sending a ton of Lincecum cards over. We hashed out a last minute Christmas deal for the Chirography Dual of his Andrew Miller/Tim Lincecum from the 2007 SP Authentic product. Ever since he posted about this card, I knew I wanted it, but I knew I could never afford it given my finances for cards; however, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I sent over some leftover PayPal funds that I got from selling some cards and the rest is history. The card is much shinier than I thought (the scan does it no justice) and I forgot that it was even serial numbered (not that it matters to me, but it’s nice). This card instantly becomes one of my favorite Lincecum cards because the autograph is really clean and the fact that Mario took so long to give it up (I think he received a bunch of offers for it). Don’t worry, it’s in good hands now and I won’t sell it for a profit. Along with some other cards that I already had, I picked out a 2008 UD Timeline 2004 Timeless Team subset card too. This brings the total number in the collection to 77 and growing. It’s only a matter of time before the number hits the century mark. There are a bunch of new cards coming out from Bowman Sterling with Lincecum GU jersey cuts. But the Timmy cards that I covet at present are the 2007 Sweet Spot autos that are one baseballs/gloves/bats. Until then, enjoy a look at this beauty:

In other news, I finally received the 12 days of Christmas giveaway cards from Tribecards. It is quite an ingenius idea for a giveaway. Here is the list (hum to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas):

On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards gave to me: 12 Will Clark, 11 Barry Bonds, 10 Jeff Kent, 9 Kevin Mitchell, 8 Matt Williams, 7 Rich Aurilia, 6 Robb Nen, FIVE OSVALDO FERNANDEZ, 4 Brett Butler, 3 Ellis Burks, 2 J.T. Snow, and an ’07 eTopps Barry Zito!

I’m sure the ladies at Dinged Corners would much love this eTopps of Barry Zito, but I think I am going to have to hang out to it for now. It’s just way too shiny to give up. In other news, my very good friend bought me a San Francisco Giants jacket! I’ve always wanted one, but never got it because it was really expensive (~$130 regular price). He bought it impulsively without even glancing at the price, but luckily it was on sale this holiday season for only $85 plus tax! Amazing 40% off. Anyway, I love it and now I have a jacket to wear to games instead of just wearing my Lincecum t-shirt and freezing to death at both Petco and AT&T Park.

There will be more baseball and card news to follow. I hope to do another hot stove report on the Giants tomorrow. Very big news with the signing of the Big Unit and also current rumors involving Manny!

Massively OT

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Okay, so I do realize that this is off-topic, but I had to write this somewhere and show it to an audience. This is the iPhone Telescope 6X Zoom Camera Lens. It will increase your spying capabilities by six-fold. I find this hilarious because a) it defeats the whole purpose of the thinness of an iPhone and b) yes, nobody will notice that giant scope while you take inconspicuous pictures of them. Can you imagine someone with that at a baseball game trying to take pictures of players??