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Error card or rare SP?

Posted in blogosphere news, Collecting, Tim Lincecum with tags , , , on February 27, 2009 by aybayz

Fellow reader Jay has come across this SP #166 1995 throwback design auto of Tim Lincecum from 2007 SP Rookie Edition. I cannot remember a point when I saw this card on eBay, but in my opinion, that is because this product doesn’t get much coverage at all. He thinks since the population sightings have been zero thus far (he said that it has come up once in three years), he has reason to believe that this is an “error” card. IMO, it’s just a regular SP with a sticker auto slapped on. I think a true error card would be 2007 Bowman’s best where Timmy’s weight is listed as 420 lbs. and his height is listed as 6’10”. So I leave it up to you, the readers to say if this is an error card or just a rare SP.


We are also debating the value of this card. Based on past sales of similar cards (the regular base, albeit not an SP), I appraise this card at a maximum of $80-100. I really don’t think it’s worth any more than that based on the set it comes from and the sticker auto. That is my opinion, everyone else is entitled to their own. How much do you think this card is worth? How much would you pay for it? Leave your comments below.

Here is also an incentive for you guys. Jay is offering the first person to come up with evidence of a sale of this card a 2008 TCHC blue refractor #’d 34 of 200 Tim Lincecum.


Another Day, Another Two Cards Off the Shelf

Posted in contest, eBay, mailday, Tim Lincecum with tags , , , , , on February 10, 2009 by aybayz

I received a package from Dave from Fielder’s Choice today with two 2007 SP Rookie Edition cards of Lincey. I think that completes the whole base set of Tim from that product and I must admit the cards look pretty nice. I really like the first one and you can tell by the design that  they kind of took the side image and added that to the ‘By the Letter’ autographed manufactured patches. In return, he asked for the 2007 Sweet Spot Adam Lind Blue Ink Bat #’d 03/99 and the 2008 Masterpieces Stroke of Genius Gavin Floyd so those are off the shelf now. I also sent him some Rays cards that I’ve been meaning to send, but good thing I waited to include them all in one package. Keep those packages and cards coming! There’s still plenty of hit cards to go around (12!) I’ve updated the list in the contest entry so the ones crossed off are the ones that have already been given away. Here’s a look at the two cards I received:

Oh yea, I also received a card I bought off eBay last week. I know I said I wouldn’t be buying random singles off eBay, but this one was cheap! It was .05! Yes, it cost a nickel and the reason I got it was because shipping was super cheap too. It was around $1.50 so for $1.55 I got an insert card, which is pretty neat.

This brings me to a total of 97 different cards, so watch out Mario, I’m gunning for your 114 🙂