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Baseball cards on mainstream Yahoo!

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I found this blog entry on Yahoo Sports today. I read Big League Stew from time to time, but this is the first time I’ve come across an entry on modern baseball cards. It’s nice to know there are other recovering addicts out there. Enjoy:

A recovering addict opens a pack of 2009 Topps baseball cards

Jamie Mottram is the blog editor here at Yahoo! Sports and can be found on the web at Mr. Irrelevant.

From 1986 to ’93, the most important thing in my life was collecting cards. Baseball, football and basketball mostly, but even a little hockey and Desert Storm. Honestly, I have the entire set of ’91 Topps Desert Storm cards, including the SCUD missile card, which is a keeper.

Since turning 16 and discovering the opposite sex, acquiring a driver’s license, etc., however, I’ve kicked the habit, only succumbing to it upon the annual release of a new series of Topps baseball cards.

This year, that exhilarating rush happened over the weekend when, upon searching Target for a humidifier for my daughter’s nursery (“a nice little Saturday”, indeed), I stumbled upon the “collectables” section.* Not really. I knew exactly where the “collectables” were. I walk by every time with hope that the 2009 cards have arrived.

Saturday was my lucky day. There they were, staring back at me. This year’s cover boy, A-Rod (above) may have been a bad choice, but I gladly purchased one 12-card pack for $1.99, the contents of which were as follows …

Enough about the packaging and price point. Let’s get to the product: How does this year’s Topps look? Well, like every other Topps set since the early ’90s, it’s generic, white, crisp, glitzy, hard to read and, ultimately, forgettable.

Seeing as how I’m also a “D.C. sports-addled” blogger, though, this is one sweet shot of L-Millz:

And, ah, yes, old reliable: the “Topps All-Star Rookie” team. Even if it’s the last all-star team Denard Span might ever be a part of:

Chris Lambert and the “Rookie Card” phenomenon makes me want to pour a little out for “Future Star(s)” of days gone by (@Gregg Jefferies, @Bo Jackson, etc.):

But at least Topps includes WHIP as a statistical category now. The arching “Six Degrees of Mantle” is a nice touch, though couldn’t they have found baseball’s Kevin Bacon-equivalent? And who exactly would that be? Rusty Staub? I’m going with Rusty Staub:

Another old reliable: “League Leaders”. Thank goodness Matt Holliday beat out Christian Guzman for third place, otherwise we would have had a case of “Which of these is not like the others?”:

As far as inserts go, “Legends of the Game” isn’t bad. Anything that teaches kids a little hardball history is to be encouraged. But someone should really tell Topps that George Sisler only played 20 of his 2,055 career games as a Washington Senator:

Rounding out the pack: Edwin Encarnacion, Tim Hudson, Kevin Maas (just kidding), Andy Marte, Kazuo Matsui, Daniel Murphy, Dan Uggla and Jerome Walton (again, JK), none of which are interesting enough to blog about.

* Yes, I realize “collectables” is an acceptable spelling and can be found in a dictionary, but I’ve never seen it that way and refuse to believe that Target uses British English when labeling its sections.


Dinged Corners

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I recently got an expensive Lincecum card off eBay to fulfill both my silk collection, but also my Lincecum PC. I probably overpaid for it, I wanted to make sure I got it so I put in a high bid and in the closing seconds it went from around $60 to over $100. That pissed me off, but at least I got it. It’s pretty rare when there’s only 10 cards of that type in existance and I’ve never seen silk cards before so I think that may be a first. Anyway, I was pretty excited to receive it today, but upon getting it, I found that the top left corner is dinged and bent. I’m not sure if this is a result of hiding this fact before the auction or during shipping. All things point to the damage during shipment because the bubble mailer is bent as well. Despite the card being in a top loader, cards still float around. What a very disappointing day. I’ve contacted the seller and luckily, he was smart enough to purchase insurance so we’ll see how USPS responds with this problem. I took a bunch of pictures as if someone rear-ended my car. Ugh.

Have you guys had any bad experiences with eBay sales where the card wasn’t what it was advertised as or came damaged?

Allen & Ginter Retail Boxes

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Today, I was at Target picking up some supplies and as I passed by the trading cards aisle, they were stocked in Allen & Ginter blaster boxes. Next to them was an open box of packs for $2.99 each. After all the talk about pack searchers and a creepy old guy who was there earlier looking around, I decided to pass on the packs. I did, however, grab two boxes of retail for $19.99 to see how they would compare to the two boxes of hobby that I opened earlier this week.They were brand new without any visible damage to them. I hurried home to open them, only to be shocked at what I found…

I will never buy retail blasters ever again. Ever. As you all know, the mini cards are pretty loose in the pack so they can shift around a lot. I ended up with four bent mini cards! FOUR. they slide to the side because I guess when they package these boxes, they just stuff it in, rather than laid flat as in hobby boxes. The corners of the minis were caught and then bent really badly. What’s worse is that they were good cards. One was an ancient icon of Quetzalcoatl, which kind of pissed me off because I was collecting the ancient icons set. The other bent cards were all Ginter backs. People who package and handle retail boxes just don’t seem to care, so that’s the end of that for me.

But from those retail boxes, I got pretty good cards for retail. I got only three cards that I needed to fill my base set. Luckily, they were all SPs. In addition. I got a Beowulf ancient icon, a David & Goliath World’s Greatest Victories, a bunch of Ginter backs (btw, I decided to stop collecting the base set of minis because I don’t like mixing and matching Giner backs with no numbers with black borders because it doesn’t look nice and it would take forever to put together one type of set only so they are all up for trade), and probably the best hit of the boxes, a Daric Barton Ginter back #’d 14 of 25. I think the odds of pulling that from a retail box are astronomical (okay, not quite, but still quite a feat!) I also got a swatch hit of Jason Varitek. I will post pictures soon of all signifcant hits along with the box break of hobby.

Note: I have been getting a bunch of trade proposals to fill my set and also team requests so keep them coming!

Allen & Ginter 2008 – Hit Parade

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Okay, so I thought of a wittier title earlier, but I forgot, so this will have to suffice. Today, I did two box breaks of 2008 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box. I know that you are guaranteed 2 hits per box and I’ve been hearing that people were getting a lot more than 2 hits per box, but man, I did not expect THIS many hits. From two boxes, I got nine hits! Four hits from the first box and five hits from the second box. On top of that, I got very few doubles – less than 10 doubles for sure! This is an amazing product, but I probably won’t buy anymore just based on the fact that the odds are now against me and I’ll probably get more doubles. I am pretty close to completing the base set so I will post my needs/wants soon. I will also post hits later on after I organize everything. I will be open to trades.

Note: Late last week, I tried a retail blaster of Allen & Ginter and I ended up getting an auto hit of Geoff Jenkins. I’ll scan and post everything soon. Until then, I am a pretty happy camper.