Giants Hot Stove Report #2

The Giants have made a big splash into the free agency market this winter with three signings already. They have shored up their bullpen with Jeremy Affeldt and yesterday’s signing of Bobby Howry from the Cubs. They do not lose a draft pick because the Cubs declined salary arbitration to Howry. I initially did not like this move upon seeing Howry’s ERA and stats from last season, but upon closer inspection, I can see what the Giants’ front office is doing. They think that he was overworked and overused by Pinella last season and he should bounce back. They like him because he has good control with a low walk rate. Control has been an huge issue for not only the Giants’ bullpen, but all their pitchers last season. They hope that by adding two veteran arms in Affeldt and Howry, they can stabilize their bullpen. Bullpen issue…check.

Next, the Giants looked to fix their infield problems. They addressed that today with the expected signing of shortstop, Edgar Renteria. $18 million over 2 years seems steep for a shortstop of his calibur after an off year, but the shortstop market really is bleak this year. It transitions Omar Vizquel and the younger players who should be more major league ready in the next two years. It also prevents them from giving a boneheaded 4-year deal to Rafael Furcal.

This just in: Randy Johnson is interested in the Giants and vice versa. He is only five wins short of 300 and his starts next season would generate a lot of attendance. He wants to return home as he is from nearby Walnut Creek. The Giants would be a great fit because he’s already familiar with the NL West. There continues to be rumors swirling around the Giants and C. C. Sabathia. Rumors have died down about the Giants trading Sanchez for Cantu. The McCovey Chronicles cite that Cantu is a horrible defender at third and likens him to a Pedro Feliz who has 10 more home runs, but sucks at defense. In fact, they preferred a gloveless Feliz as a defender at third than Cantu. Can you imagine this rotation: Sabathia / Lincecum / Cain / Johnson / Zito. That would be four former Cy Young winners in the same rotation. Has that ever happened in history before? I’m not sure.

In position players, the Giants seem to be almost done. Sabean has made it clear he isn’t looking for any outfielders. If the right trade comes up, he would pull the trigger on trading a young arm for a good bat. More to come in the coming weeks…


4 Responses to “Giants Hot Stove Report #2”

  1. Randy Johnson’s going to the Giants, he’s going to the Dodgers, he’s going to the A’s. All three wanted Furcal, too. I’m not sure I like my team being in the same boat with the Giants and A’s. 😉

  2. Haha that goes the same for you! Dude, Colletti has yet to do anything this offseason, while letting his free agents walk free, what’s going on over there in La La Land?

  3. I don’t know what he’s doing — spending all his time trying to land Jack Wilson (oooh), I guess. He better find some pitching fast.

  4. Figure since I’m a die hard Cubs fan I could shed some light on Howry for you. He wasn’t over-used last year, he was just bad. Vomit-inducing would be the better term. The reason they trotted him out there so much was that they were hoping he would break out of it, but it didn’t happen. You’ll quickly learn that he’s basically down to being a two pitch pitcher and both pitches are very hittable. I hope for your sake that he figures it out or I’m sure we’ll see “Howry Sucks!” posts on here. 🙂

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